Betting bitcoins on casino games can be a great way to earn extra coins without any effort.

Online Casinos Accepting Bitcoin

Bitcoin has quickly grown in popularity in recent years and it has now become a big player in multiple online industries, including online gambling. While some may see Bitcoin as a cryptocurrency, the truth is that it is much more than that, including a payment system with no central controller. It is used by quite a few players from Europe and the best bitcoin casino will offer a large collection of games.

Getting, mining and spending bitcoins

At its core, bitcoins can be used much like any other currency. Its value compared to other currencies changes and users can sell, buy or exchange bitcoins at any time. Furthermore, the system allows people to easily send and receive bitcoins in their web wallets. It is also possible to mine coins, which are generated at set rates.

Seeing that it is mostly used for online transactions, bitcoins can be easily used for online casino games. A free bitcoin casino doesn’t take any fees from the wins and can even offer bonuses to help get European players started.

No central bank

Since bitcoins are created by users and generated at certain rates, they are not controlled by any central bank, making them different than other major currency. This also means that it can be used in markets which have banking restrictions for certain payment transactions.

As a result, using bitcoins rather than euros or dollars can be advantageous at some EU online casinos, especially if we consider the easy process of transferring the currency.

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Bitcoin Online Casinos

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