High Limit Video Poker

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One of the most well-known games involving strategies and skills at gaming establishments in both online and on land casinos is video poker. What players do in this game is create a five hand card to the best of their knowledge producing the highest ranking cards. The standard versions of this game enable traditional players as well as low rollers to play.

The usual reason why players love to play this game is due to the astounding prizes that they can receive once they win. Some of these prizes include exclusive prizes, VIP treatment, and of course, huge amounts of money. However, players of this game should still consider the deviation factors which may cause them to win or lose. They should also practice the management of their funds for gambling. Overall, machines for video pokers take pride of their peaked pay tables involving enticing rewards.

A good technique to employ in playing high limit video poker is to know your number of loses and wins every hour since you can make use of a formula that can help you in managing your funds or bankroll. The formula simply makes you multiply three figures: the average size of your bets, the number of bets you place every hour, and the house edge. The resulting numbers of this simple multiplication represents your accurately predicted loss every hour of your game in upper limit video poker. Fortunately, this formula can also be used for low limit video poker.

To illustrate, let us assume that you play a hundred hands every hour and each bet costs 100 dollars. Furthermore, if you play with Jacks or Better with a 0.5 percent house edge, then multiplying all the figures together (100 hands per hour times 100 dollars wager per hour times 0.5 percent house edge) will result in a 50 dollar hourly loss. This formula is recommended to be applied by players in their gameplay to improve their funds management.

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