Learn How to Play Blackjack Switch

Published January 27, 2014

Learn How to Play Blackjack Switch

Get ready for the switch!

Blackjack Switch is a game that is popular in many online casinos.  This game is a variant of Blackjack and it was created by Geoff Hall.  This game can be played at many land-based casinos as well as Playtech-powered online casinos.

How to Play

Blackjack Switch is played with 4, 6 or 8 decks of cards.  During the first deal, the dealer gives two face-up cards to each player then deals two face-up cards to him or herself.  The dealer then gives two additional cards to players and to him or herself.  At this point players can choose to switch the two top cards in their hands.  Next, players will be able to hit, stand, split or double. 

Strategy and Other Considerations

Basic blackjack strategy should dictate the decisions to stand, hit, split and double.  The decision to switch the two cards may seem obvious especially when there is a clear advantage.  However, there are many cases where there is not a clear advantage or even cases that are counter-intuitive. 

One of the strategy rules of Blackjack Switch says that the best hand should be enhanced or preserved and sometimes it is even necessary to break up a natural blackjack depending on the dealer’s upcard.  However, the decision to switch will only rarely depend on the upcard of the dealer.  

There are a number of strategies that have been created specifically for Blackjack Switch.  One is based on assigning point values to hands and hands created by switching while other strategies are based on categorical decisions like ‘winner’, ‘push’, ‘chance’ and ‘loser’. 

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